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Admissions Requirements

1. Prospective students are first interviewed to determine the interest and applicability of the Program.

2. Applicants will complete and submit the application/enrollment agreement with the $150 application and registration fee.

3. All students must have proof of a High School Diploma or GED.

4. All applicants must be at least 17 years of age.

5. Prospective students will take an entrance exam to determine level reading comprehension.

6. Prospective students must meet the criteria for Florida state licensure, such as level 2 background check, drug screening and medical requirements.

**A student applying for admission to the Pharmacy Technician program is required to complete a drug screening and an FBI criminal background check including:

  • Online check of the Office of the Inspector General related to parties excluded from participation in Medicare/Medical and all federal healthcare programs.
  • Online search of U.S. General Services Administration of parties excluded from federal procurements and non-procurements programs.

Final admission to the program is contingent upon the submission of

a) Satisfactory physical examination/immunization forms, and
b) a drug screen.
c) CPR for Health Care Providers must be taken prior to starting clinical experiences.