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Medical Coding and Billing Program (1000 Clock Hours)


Program Description:


This program prepares students for employment as medical coders and billers. The medical coder/biller is responsible for assigning correct diagnostic and procedural codes to medical documentation from patients’ medical records to ensure appropriate medical insurance reimbursement and compliance. The program content covers both inpatient and outpatient coding and documentation information. Completing this program successfully will require students to obtain knowledge and abilities in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, basic pharmacology, the disease process, computer software, medical coding, medical billing, ICD and CPT Coding Systems, health insurance, ethics, legal and health information management. Upon program completion, students have the technical skills necessary to begin working in healthcare as an entry-level medical coder and biller. Medical coding and billing skills are taught manually and enhanced with software applications. Successful completion of this program will qualify the graduate to sit for national certification testing. The program consists of 1000 clock hours of coursework including laboratory and externship experience.


Curriculum Development


The Medical Coding/Billing program designed by the faculty at PBVI is designed to satisfy the Florida DOE Curriculum Framework for Medical Coding/Billing, Faculty members continuously review and update the curriculum to satisfy both the stated Framework requirements, as well as student needs.


Estimated Length of Study:


Day classes                  6 months (24 weeks)

Evening classes           9 months (36 weeks)


*Books and materials are included in the cost of tuition. Students must provide their own uniforms.