Practical Nursing (PN)

Program Objectives and Description:

The program is designed to prepare students to pass the test for the licensure as a Practical Nurse in the state of Florida. The program consists of 1350 hours of education, including lectures, lab skills and clinical work.

The objective of the program is to prepare students to work in a variety of medical settings as Practical Nurses and achieve state licensure. Appropriate information and skills will be presented that meet the requirements of the Florida Board of Nursing for practical nurse and that meet the curriculum framework set forth by the state of Florida.

Curriculum Development:

The Practical Nursing (PN) program designed by the faculty of Care Hope College is designed to satisfy the Florida DOE Curriculum Framework (01.0-42.0) for Practical Nurses. Faculty members review and update the curriculum as necessary to satisfy both the stated framework requirements as well as meet students’ needs.

Estimated Length of Study:

Day Classes: 4 Quarters, 12 Months.

*Books and materials are NOT included in the cost of tuition. Students must purchase their own uniforms.

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