8 FAQ! Beginning and advancing in the Medical Career Field through Care Hope College.

Every great journey starts with the same basic questions–where am I, why am I going there, how long will it take for me to get there and last but not least; why am I going there, what’s the purpose. Same principles applies here if you’re an individual who’s interesting in taking the journey to become a Healthcare Professional. Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Is being a Licensed Healthcare Professional Affordable, can I get Financial Aid?

Yes it is! Come in and sit with an experienced representative in our Financial Department to outline a suitable payment option for you. The College does not provide Financial Aid for students at the moment. The College will work with individual students to develop a payment plan along with private loans opportunities that is designed to meet student and the institution’s needs.

From the first day of class to graduation and beyond, every CHC Student on our Campus is relevant and important to us, you’re a V.I.P the second that you walk through our doors.

Does it fit with my schedule?

Yes it does! We offer Morning, Afternoon and Evening Classes. Monday to Saturday, call or come in and let’s find out what’s best for your current schedule.

I’m a hands-on person, how will you accommodate me in the Classrooms?

We have small class sizes that guarantees personalized attention to those that needs it most. Hands-on Clinicals that includes — Skilled Lab Simulations and rotations at a variety of Health-Care Facilities/ Hospitals. Our instructors will do their best to accommodate your individual needs as a student at CHC.

Is it near my home or my job?

We are centrally located in Palm Beach County. We’re located a few miles from Interstate 95 near the Boynton Beach Mall.

How long until I’m a Licenced Healthcare Professional?
  • 6 to 24 Months depending on the Program of choice.
  • Minimum of 10 Hours of Schooling Per Week. Including Clinicals; based on the Program of choice and your personal schedule.
How about your Instructors, can they really teach me the skill-set?

Most of our instructors are Master Prepared and Higher..

How about Care Hope College’s Credentials, are you guys Licensed & accredited?

We are Licensed and approved by Florida Board of Education and Florida Board of Nursing.

How the School’s Staff, is it a friendly environment?

We are a Competent group of professionals, we are hands-on, caring, there to help you through your Journey to becoming a Licensed Healthcare Professional. From the first day of class to graduation and beyond, every person on our Campus is relevant and important to us, you’re a V.I.P the second that you walk through our doors.

The end.

Well, that concludes our 8 most frequently asked questions. Now we’d love to hear from you, if there’s a question that you didn’t see on this list, contact us right now and we’ll be sure to give you the clarity that you need to become the Health Care Professional that you’re aspiring to be. We want you to know that we’re interested in you, we’re interested in your Future, we believe that we have what it takes to get you there. Fill out the form bellow or give us a call today. Let’s talk!


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